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Asfour Chandelier Crystal 30% Lead Crystal Bobeche Bobache Lamp Chandelier Parts Cups
Asfour Chandelier Crystal 30% Lead Crystal Bobeche Bobache Lamp Chandelier Parts Cups Beautiful Bobache With Gold or Silver Pinning Perfect To Decorate Around Candles Or Lights Of Chandeliers Or Candelabras.

These beautiful high quality crystals prisms are called 30% Lead from Asfour Company. The sparkle and rainbows these crystals give off are truly breathtaking! They can be used to add to your new or antique chandeliers, and are also great as sun catchers, wind chimes, or perfect as Christmas tree decorations..


Beautiful Crystal Chandelier Bobeche

At ABcrystal, you can find beautiful, stunning crystal chandelier bobeche lamp parts at great prices. We offer crystal chandelier bobeche with gold pinning which are perfect for decorating around candles or for lighting chandeliers. These lamp parts are 4” in diameter and the size of the hole in the middle is 1.25 inches. Abcrystal is dedicated to providing only the best quality crystals and parts to our customers. Our beautiful Swarovski crystals and beads are perfect for decorating your candles,and lamps.

Add timeless elegance to your chandelier

Bobeches were originally used as a part of the chandelier that caught wax which fell from the chandelier’s candles. These pieces are now considered as lovely additions to the chandeliers which add elegance, beauty, and timeless style. We offer the beautiful crystal chandelier bobeche parts you need that will make a great addition to your chandelier.

Whether you opt for the crystal bobeches with chrome pins or gold pins, you can feel confident knowing you are getting the very best. Since the bobeche is a component of the chandelier that can become easily damaged, they should be removed before moving the entire chandelier.

Asfour 30% Lead Crystal Prisms

Asfour crystals manufactured in Egypt. Asfour is one of the worlds largest producers of leaded glass (>30%PbO). Established in 1961, Asfour has been continually adding to their line of crystals while keeping their prices extremely affordable.